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As we have done it for the Buenos Aires post ( click to read if you haven't), you can find useful information on web, however we will keep writing based on experience.

Here is also the video of 24 things to do in San Francisco if you want general information about San Fran


Let's start....

It is a very special place for me (Hasan Seremet) because everything has started there for me in terms of Tango Business. San Francisco is the first city that I sold Tango Shoes

Even though I learned the tango in Los Angeles locally, I have benefited the traveling tango maestros artists throughout the festivals in the United States and San Francisco was the city where I start vending for Tango. #tangoshoes



For those who have never been, San Fran is one of the oldest tango communities in the United States, if not the oldest (I think New York is the oldest but need to double check) In the last decade, in addition to the local activities, San Francisco Tango Scene attracted a lot of out of towner and international guests once a year with its great festivals and marathons.

Antipanico and SFTM are the two events that made me go to San Fran at least once a year .

. Antipanico was one of the biggest tango festivals in USA and it ended a few years back. (Organized by Michelle and Kendra, Tango Renaissance ) That was the festival were I started vending for the first time in 2012. That’s also the tango festival where I watched Chicho Mariano Frumboli for the very first time. So it has a lot of memories.

Thanks to Antipanico, I have become very familiar with the Tango scene and made a lot of friends.

My dear friends Felipe and Ayano also organized and still organize SFTM, the best tango marathon in the United States. I usually don’t use those statements but I really think they deserve that. At least for me. I am out of the scene for more than 4 years but I still hear how SFTM is rocking and always being sold out.

SFTM also inspired me for my own events, the success behind my tango festival in Istanbul Istanbul-Express Tango Festival and Narathon is that I always have had good inspirations.

See the Chocolate fountain below and raise the bar. I missed you guys

I can also state that my good old friends Rina, Homer, Christina, Mayumi, Shorey also were great local influencers. My dear friend Aydın also has a special place as well. He hosted me in those old days

There is also one guy that I want to mention. Eugene. Oh men, he is character.

Couple words for those lovely people

Rina always hosted me at her place, for those who haven't been, San Francisco is really expensive to stay. But more importantly, she always me feel home. She quit her job and found Ateliex Vertex. Check them out.

Homer and Christina were great help for me, they helped a lot.

Mayumi is such a generous person. When I mention Mayumi, a smile also gets into my face.

Shorey, oh dear. One of the best Dj I have listened, still up to date. We have had great times. She always gave me a hard time but I deserved it. Shorey is next to Felipe.

Eugune, I am sure he is still dressing up very funky. He is a character and very good cook. Date him. Just kidding...:)

I might have not contacted them in a while since life took me to another direction but I think of them and remember them often. I love and miss them a lot.

I now became the managing partner of Touchline,

I would have liked to write where everything has started for me in my Tango (Business) Journey. Since I am celebrating my 10th year in Tango Business, selling tango shoes and tango clothes.

I wanted to remember good old days and introduce you who yo must know.

Again, I am out of the scene for couple years now, there are a lot of great people, but I want to introduce my people who made my experience beautiful.

So couple SAN FRAN recommendations as far as my experience.

  • Make sure to meet Ayano, Felipe, Homer, Christina, Rina, Mayumi, Shorey, Eugene when you go to San Francisco. You don’t need to know them and you can introduce yourself if they are still living there. They are extremely friendly and nice people.
  • If you are planning a trip to San Fran, and want to include Tango, make sure to attend SFTM, 2nd week of November. Please Contact Felipe and Ayano or follow the event details on facebook or online
  • Make sure to stay on Monday because they close the marathon at the Beat. :)
  • You can always get more information about SF Tango Scene,
  • As much as I want to give you the most positive experience, I must say Car breakers are very famous in San Francisco. Do not use car transportation at the city center. It never happened to me but I know a lot of occasions. You must use Uber or other ways transportation.
  • You must visit Mission District to feel like a local and Alcatraz to feel like a tourist.
  • Although, rent a car and visit
    • Napa and Sonoma Valley ( The Wine Country)
    • Palo Alto, The Silicon Valley. Go to Apple Park to get Apple T-Shirts ( only sold in San Fran)
    • Take the Route 1 to Los Angeles, DO NOT DRIVE at night. IF you don't know the road, it is very dangerous, and you must benefit the scenery
    • Portland, a good tango scene as well. Make sure to connect with Alex Krebs. HE is very talented. You might know him from the spotify. He is great just great. Absolutely great ( Put Trump voice on this)
    • Berkeley, The food is great there and cheaper comparing to San Fran City center.