Buenos Aires,

the Mecca of Tango for us tango dancers (Tangueors) and many other things for the rest of the world.
Like Americans have an American Dream, tango dancers also have a dream of going to Buenos Aires.
Most of us already went and the rest of us are dreaming to go,
Some of us go often, some of us went once and can’t go back in the near future
Many of Tango Professionals, Tango Maestros live outside but adore the idea of belonging to Buenos Aires.
Long story short, it is a different world,
Buenos Aires.
We live in a world of Technology and probably everything is already written and explained about Buenos Aires.
Here a link ( Click the RED) for famous places , to do or visit. WHAT TO DO's in BUENOS AIRES
You must find tons of articles online about what do to in Buenos Aires,
These probably won’t be the best information of what you need when you travel to BA.
Your friend's comments or preferences are already subjective as well,
Which milonga you go to or whos classes to take. TRY THEM ALL and judge for yourself.
But if you go to Buenos Aires once, you must have a list of what not to do when you are in Buenos Aires. It can only come by experience and you must learn from your friends / colleagues.

Here is our list for it of WHAT NOT TO DO in BUENOS AIRES

    • Dont try to plan ahead what you will do. People you meet in Buenos Aires will change your stay in Buenos Aires.
    • Never say NO to a house party, if you don’t get invited, BE the house party.
    • Don’t try to act like a local, you always be a tourist but you don’t have to go to a tango show, seriously
    • Don’t tango shoe shopping at day 1. Spend your money wisely. Get a pair of tango shoes per week and get bench at the last week. Your preference will change
    • Leave your fancy smartphones at home. Take your Nokia 3310 to Milongas
    • Never exchange money at the cambio. Be the cambio. CAMBIOOO
    • Don’t go back without testing Alfajores, Fernet or Medialuna. Be a good friend of Juan at La Viruta, he is the real owner of La Viruta Tango, literally. He’ll give you the best medialunas in town around 4 am in addition to the best seat.

Please JOIN US and make a comment and write your own NOT TO DO’s in Buenos Aires into the comment sections.

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