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it takes YOU! to TANGO

HOW we do it is our pride

Touchline Tango strongly believes in ethical fashion and the importance of climate change.

HOW we make it, is equally as important as WHAT we are making

How Touchline was born


Touchline Clothing was born with the idea of woman only having one wardrobe so they would not need to shop additional clothes to Tango...that was brilliant, good for the planet and perfect for the vallet...

Our Collection is the flagship collection of this idea..There are many reasons why we call Touchline is more than a tango brand and this is absolutely why Touchline is a new generation tango clothing

Less is more with a passionate embrace.


We are pleased to offer exquisite #TangoPants for leaders. The perfect craftmanship and the best quality fabrics meets at our pants and we deliver the pants with passion.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Stunning red dress, excellent quality. Very pleased, and will continue buying from this shop. I love the simplicity of designs which allow to mix and match items. Thank you!
— Tanya on Jan 13, 2022
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Customer reviews
a big thank you because the quality is there, the pants are fun, the cut is nice and adjusted! many thanks, Stefano
— Stefano on Apr 5, 2022

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