Hello everyone,

I (Hasan) wanted to express some feelings, ideas and recommendations about Porec www.summertango.com since it is here.

Many of you tangueros already know what i will be writing about, however, it has been 2 full years without Porec and some will experience Porec for the very first time.

For some might seem intimidating or chaotic but I can assure you that right attitude and energy can make your POREC experience unforgettable.

First and foremost, I personally LOVE this festival and always have and will a special place in my heart.

There is a reason why each edition is over 1000 people but Porec didn’t get famous in just 1 year.

It was and still is a continuous growth and success.

They never took it for granted and it is absolutely a joy to have them back after two years of Covid-19 break

My dear friends Zrinko and Tajana and the whole team did a fabulous job over the years.

The effort has been spectacular.

Many of you don’t know that the team builds everything from scratch and they bring all from ZAGREB.

Thats already something to admire about this festival.

The venue isn’t just a basketball court.

They fill the area with hundreds of decorations items to make you feel that you are on the beach at all times.

The sound and The lighting crew do an incredible job to make each square metre the same ambiance.

Djs will make you dance until breakfast. Thats for sure.

Osky is always my favorite

What about Dancers?

Ofcourse an event with these extreme good conditions attracts over thousands dancers from all around the world. Not only finding people is easy but also there are dancers from all levels in Porec and they all want to dance with another level of dancers.

I think it is not just for Porec but for all events, it is very easy to say for someone that doesn't get dances.

So what we should do?

  • Be social at all times, pool parties and beach time is a great way to meet new people and socialize.

          (Don’t be scared of extremely in good shape tangueros. I go there with my belly every year and I do just fine)

  • Breakfasts are Dinners at the Festival Hotels are also great times to meet new people.

  • Smiling opens a lot of doors.

  • Make sure you use the etiquettes of tango. CABECEO/Mirada are just many. CABECEO area are many…

  • Make sure to respect the line of dancing / RONDA...

  • Bar is also another area to be socialized

  • Clothing and Shoe sellers area are also another way to spend time while you are not dancing.

  • Come and Say hi  to me at Touchline Tango Stand and I will make sure to introduce you to people.

The last but not least,

The night is really young in Porec so many dancers arrive late and stay until the end. Use your energy wisely. Picture below is about 7.30 am in the morning.

See you in Porec…

Love and Peace